Montana hunting offered by 5/S Outfitting,
includes Montana guided elk, deer, & bear hunts.

5/S Outfitting

Glenn Smith, Owner Licensed Outfitter #63
Joel Smith, Licensed Guide

Point of Contact: Joel Smith,
321 Old Hwy 200, Trout Creek, Montana 59874
Home Phone: 406-827-9648



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Welcome to 5/S Outfitting!

Thank you for your interest in 5/S Outfitting. Located in Trout Creek, Montana, we hunt on the Kootenai National Forest in western Montana.

We offer all kinds of recreation in our great state of Montana. Our specialty is rifle and archery hunts for big game animals, with emphasis on elk, deer and bear. We can guide you on special permit hints if you are fortunate to obtain one.

To start the year, we begin with Spring Bear. This season starts April 15 and lasts until May 15. Our greatest success comes from the latter part of the season.

Archery opens the first Saturday in September, we prefer the first four weeks of the six-week season. We find that the bulls are beginning their rut and the bugling is at is best. This is far the most exciting and productive hunt.

For the fall bear hunters, this season starts September 15 and lasts until the last of rifle season.

This hunt is in the higher country where the fall berry crops are at.

Rifle season starts the 26 of October and last five weeks. You will have to opportunity to kill both an elk and deer on the combination tag. Depending on which specie of deer you what will determine what part of the season we recommend you for to hunt.

We would love to hear from you about any questions that you have or to simply book your hunt.


2012 Hunting News Update:

We had an excellent 2012 spring bear season. Our winter was very mild and spring was early which makes for fantastic bear hunting. The bears main diet after hibernation is tall and lush grass. We were able to hunt the higher country where the bear are feeding on the new spring grasses and wild flower bulbs.

2007 spring bear
We started April 29th with great success and it stayed that way to the end of the season which was May 15th. We took several  bears in the six foot size with off colors. Our first time hunters were amazed at the number of deer and elk they saw everyday while out looking for bear.

With the bear numbers high, we have continued to have a Fall bear hunt for the 2012 season.




The antler growth started early and we saw several bulls with amazing growth so early in the spring. Summer being cool and wet this past year kept the antler growth going on the deer and elk.

We started archery season September 1st. All of our pre-scouting paid off this season. The bulls were not very vocal and with calling off a ridge to hear one would not work. By knowing where the bulls were, we were able to work in close having real good luck with the tactics we used. We didn’t take as many bulls this year as in the past years, but took some really nice mature bulls. There were not many bulls taken overall in the archery season by the general public, that made a very high number of bulls for our general rifle season.

The guys tell me that after elk archery hunting with all the action and excitement this is the only way to hunt elk. If you have never tried it, you are sure missing out on a hunt of a lifetime.

ElkWe started rifle season October 20th and couldn’t ask for better weather for an elk hunter. It was cool with snow early and this kept the bucks and bulls out moving most of the day. We took several bulls in the 280 – 300 class with our largest a massive 6x7 bull that was green scored at 365.

We started seeing mule deer chasing does November1st and they never stopped all season. We had several opportunities for some nice 4x4’s in the 26 – 28 inch class with a few hunters making some excellent shots on some nice mule deer.

Our whitetail bucks starred chasing the does October 15th and by Thanksgiving week they were in the peek of their season. We took some in the 140 – 160 class and several smaller ones. Our whitetail numbers are very high and we can afford to be a little picky on site.


The best way to summarize our 2012 rifle season is ‘Outstanding’! We are having another mild winter and the game is doing very well. The numbers are high and we expect an even better season next year.

......................Montana deer hunting photo

About Your Outfitter and Staff

Joel: (Licensed Guide) The oldest son in the family of outfitters, Joel grew up in the outfitting business. After a few years away, he came home to run the family business.

Berta: Joel's wife of 30 years is the evening cook and provides us with great home-cooked meals; nothing from a box.

Glenn: (Owner, Licensed Outfitter #63) Born and raised in Trout Creek many years ago. Growing up and living to hunt and fish, he decided to start outfitting and guiding in 1968. As his two sons grew up he guided with his wife, June at his side, until his son Joel took over the business several years ago.


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